Playground Planning

Step 1 : Define your Vision

Get started by defining the objectives and requirements for your playground.

Here are few questions to help you out.

  • What age group is going to utilize the play area?
  • How many children will be engaged in the playground at once?
  • Do you want to add additional amenities such as benches, dust bins, signboards, etc.?

Step 2: Site Analysis

Analyse your site considering the different factors for the ground. The ground characteristic such as natural as well as man-made plays an important role in the play area.

Here are few questions to help you out.

  • Is the soil conditions and the slope are proper for the drainage of the ground?
  • Is there any existing vegetation that can be included in the design?
  • Where the playground is located?
  • What are the nearby existing amenities such as parking walk paths, etc.?

Step 3: Design your Play Area

You have defined your visions and analyzed the site now it’s time to entitle your budget and design the play area that is required by the community.

Here are few questions to help you out.

  • Define the segments of the equipment you wanted to have such as see-saw, swings, slides, etc.?
  • Do you want to introduce the multiplay station to your ground?
  • Are you going to get an expansion to play area for the future?
  • Wanted to add Dustbin, Garden Bench, etc. to your playground?

Step 4: Install your Playground

We have a wide range of playground equipment to install. Select the ones you choose to install and our team will be helping you out to install your playground.

Step 5: Experience, Enjoy and Maintain your Playground

  • Experience your durable and safe playground.
  • Enjoy the happiness of the children by generating smiles on their faces.
  • Proper maintenance of the playground will help you to build a safe environment for children.