Classic Range

Multiplay System

A well-designed combination of various play equipment such as platforms, bridges, slides, climbers, swings is arranged to create a Multiplay System.

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Multiplay system for children


Kids do dream of flying, with every kick of legs there is magic waiting to be unleashed in every tug of swing. Swing drives one such memorable experience of flying up in the sky for children.

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Swing Manufacturer in Gujarat


Slides have always been an essential element in Playground as they are instant icebreakers for preschool learning so as to share, take a turn by turn and co-operate. They are very much fun as well as safe.

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Kids Playground Equipment


Climbers provide a delightful and exciting way to help kids develop their upper body strength, hand to eye coordination and cognitive skills.

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Playground Climber equipment manufacturer

See - Saw

See - Saw is a piece of playground equipment which are designed and manufactured keeping children and toddlers safety in mind and do not have any sharp end.

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Top-Quality Seesaw Playground Equipment

Merry Go Round

We bring for the kids the different kinds of Merry Go Round equipment that helps in keeping the children in motion thus resulting in exercise with fun.

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Kids merry go round playground equipment