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Design Your Playground

A very warm greeting from the team of Raghuvir. Playground plays a very important role in the development of the children. We the team of Raghuvir are ready to help you out. Here are some of the planning tools which will help and guide you in planning your own playground.
Planning Tools
The ground should be levelled and should have proper drainage.
Plantation should be provided on ground so that the children found themselves with nature.
It helps in developing awareness and caring ability for our mother earth. Also it provides
beautiful & better playing environment.
The play area must have dustbins in order to maintain cleanliness on playground.
Proper boundaries to the play area is helpful in upgradation to playground safety.
Age group segregation play an important role in playground safety.
All segment equipment should be included in playground as it proves beneficial in structuring
adventure, fitness and joy for children.
The play area must have the proper surface material or surface filling. Grass, rubber flooring,
etc. are most suitable surface for the play area.
For the RCC or PCC surface, it must be in Ratio 1:2:4.

Lets plan your playground

Here are some few simple steps, follow them and get your playground ready….

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